Friday, November 27, 2015

2015 in Covers and Books

As the end of the year 2015 arrives, my book world has had some wonderful projects of all types. Looking back at these book projects, I have designed both covers and full books with interior layout, custom artwork, and typesetting. Here is this years library:

Necessary Bridges' cover symbolically represents public speaking for project managers. What could be a dry subject was designed as building stones piece-by-piece for those engineers who speak to audiences for the first time.

Coping with Life is part 2 of a three-part series on "Living Your Best Possible Life."  The third book on Perspective is also listed in this year's covers. The design takes an intelligent approach to life changes.

Stop the Conflict is a cover for a workshop program helping couples and individuals find and remove the conditions that destroy love and life. I wanted to present the subject matter with a sense of hope.

222 Book Types is one of a large series of ebooks that help businesses build their brand through specialized books. This is only one of the 25 different covers of a variety of colors and subject matter that I designed for the series over the year.

Part 3 of the Creator Speaks series is called The Creator Heals. This cover was illustrated and the book designed to reveal the cosmic energies that are coming to our planet and entering our body to heal and change ourselves.

Perspectives on Cultural Diplomacy is the first volume e-journal that promotes global dialog, understanding and respect for all cultural beliefs and practices.The subject of this edition is Nursing.

In Search of Perspective  is part 3 of the series on "Living Your Best Possible Life."  As with the companion book, Coping With Life (above), this cover takes an intelligent approach to life changes. Each book uses an initial letter of the title as a graphic symbol to reflect the nature of the content.

Flying Abstract: Escaping Invisibility is the last book I have been designing this year. A work in progress, this novel reflects the the sensitive nature of family abuse and the freedom that comes from healing and finding one's true self through spirit and destiny.