Monday, August 1, 2016

$299 Covers For Your Book

Over the many years that I have designed books for authors, I make it a point of creating just the right cover artwork that fits the writer’s vision. For some authors, it is the first or second cover design that easily fits their vision. For others, it takes several designs to get the cover they want. Those cover designs that don’t make the final choice are filed away.

I have been saving my unused cover designs for several years and recently, I saw how unique and creative my collection is. In fact, these are so good that it seems a shame they aren’t being put to good use. With up to 60 covers, I began sorting them into categories of style and subject matter. I realized there are many new authors who want a professional cover but don’t have the funds to spend on a $600 custom design. Why not sell these previous designs at half the price ($299) and let the author update them with their own title and images!

Collecting all these cover designs, I placed each one in a genre that seemed appropriate; Lifestyle, Business, Spiritual, Novels, Poetry, and NonFiction. There were many crossover designs; some were in the Lifestyle category yet also fit in the Business category. Some Spiritual books could fit into the Novels category. It became clear that presenting these covers had to be part of a whole catalog, rather than individualized genres. I removed the titles, author names, subtitles and any descriptions to make them all generic. I left most of the original photos or illustrations but let a new author now exchange it with their own image if they wish. They can pick new colors or choose different fonts. 

You can see a few of these covers on this page but want to view the full catalog of $299 Book covers? Here is a free download link:

2016 cover catalog download 

A few things: 
• If you want to customize one of these covers beyond those choices (above), it can still be done for my hourly charge. As an example, some may want a custom back cover rather than a flat generic one. 
• In a few cases, the book cover will only show a placeholder photograph. You will need to supply a replacement for the generic photo -OR- you can purchase that image directly from one of the Photo Stock Houses it came from. I can give you more details on the images used in these designs. Email me.

Lastly, a high-resolution file and a PDF will be generated for your Book Printer or ePUB creator. Since it is important for an Author to have their book cover be unique to them, that cover will be blocked from the catalogue after purchase. What a deal!

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